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Welcome to Backyard Cookout! We're a father-son duo, Ron and Sean, passionate about grilling and barbecuing. Join us on an exciting journey as we share our experiences, recipes, and tips to help you become a grilling expert.

Ron, our seasoned grill master, has perfected various grilling techniques, while Sean is learning alongside him, adding a fresh perspective to our culinary adventures.

At Backyard Cookout, we believe that grilling is more than just cooking; it's about creating lasting memories and sharing incredible meals with loved ones. Our goal is to inspire you to explore the world of outdoor cooking and discover your own grilling prowess.

From beginner basics to advanced techniques, we provide comprehensive tutorials, recipes, and tips to enhance your skills. Discover flavor profiles, experiment with marinades, rubs, and seasonings, and elevate your grilling game.

Join our vibrant community of grilling enthusiasts and share your own experiences and recipes. Together, we'll foster a love for outdoor cooking and create memorable moments.

As part of our commitment to giving back, we include links to some of our favorite grilling tools. A portion of the proceeds from these affiliate links goes to charities we support.

Let's fire up the grill, savor the flavors, and make a difference together!

  • Ron, Sean, and the Backyard Cookout Team



Explore our favorite recipes. 

Easy, simple with no frills.  

Grilled Meat

Our Favorite Grills

Let's review some of our favorite grills

Wooden Spatula

Our Favorite Tools

The right tool for the right job makes life simple.  Come see our favorite tools!

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Need Help come to us

Hi Are you wanting some help on the grill or you don't have the right tools come to us and we will tell you how to make recipes and the right tools.

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